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Academic and Industrial Technology Conference (AITC)
October 2nd, 2019 (2nd day of IEEEP Fair Exhibition)
Timing Session
10:00 Arrival & Registration
10:00 - 12:15 Presentation
Chairman Prof. Dr. B S Chowdhry, Prof. Emaritus Mehran UET
Secretary Dr. Muhammad Zubair Ahmad, Iqra University
Paper 1 Smart Garbage Monitoring & Treatment System - Astute Bin
Author Engr. Syed Shahrooz Shamim
Deptt. Of Computer Science, Usman Institute of Technology
Paper 2 Locally designed Arsenic Filters for potable water in Sindh
Author Prof. Dr. Rasul Bux Maher
Mehran UET Jamshoro
Paper 3 Smart Grids and Energy Trading using Blockchain
Author Capt. Dr. Sajjad Zaidi
Paper 4 PV System Testing Facility - How it can help the local industry
Author Dr. Mohsin Aman
Paper 5 Activating innovation and commercialization in MUET
Author Dr. Attiya Baqai
Department of Electronics, Mehran UET
12:15 Question & Answer Session
12:30 Summing up by the Session Chairman
12:45 Distribution of Shields/Souvenirs
12:55 Vote of Thanks
13:15 - 14:15 Lunch & Prayer break. Lunch (Courtesy: IEEEP & BXSS)
October 2nd, 2019 (2nd day of IEEEP Fair Exhibition)
Timing Session
14:15 Arrival & Registration
14:30 - 16:45 Presentation
Chairman Engr. Asif Siddiqui, CEO Sigma Ventures, Ex Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre
Secretary Engr. Munis Siddiqui, GM, Shirazi Trading Co.
Presentation 1 Grid tied PV Solar Systems, with Net Metering - Issues & Solutions
Presenter 1 Engr. Khalid Pervez
CEO KPA Consulting
Presenter 2 Engr. M Z Mustafa
Pr. Consultant, KPA Consulting
Presentation 2 Energy Storage Systems - A revolutionary technology in the offing
Presenter Engr. Waseem Qureshi
Chairman, WRL Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Presentation 3 What should be our new ARE Policy
Presenter Engr. Gul Hassan Bhutto
Technical Advisor, Energy Update
Presentation 4 Innovative IoT Models for Smart Grids and beyond
Presenter Engr. Sophia Husnain
CEO Linked Things
Presentation 5 Local inputs in Solar Technology
Presenter Dr. Azhar Ayub
MD Energen EnergyGeneration
Presentation 6 The power of IoT & connected lighting
Presenter Mr. Asad Jafar
Signify (Philips)
Presentation 7 DESCON’s contribution industrial digitalization & reshaping T&D infrastructure
Presenter Aafiah Khan
Head of Automation Business, Descon Engineering Limited
16:45 Question & Answer Session
17:00 Summing up by the Session Chairman
17:15 Distribution of Shields/Souvenirs
17:25 Vote of Thanks
17:30 Tea (Courtesy: IEEEP and BXSS)